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Martin Seuneke commented on "Another Walk Along Fisher Row Oulton" 2017-05-17 7:18pm

Thanks Dudley for your comment. This is a favourite of mine but the weather must be fine as there is no shelter. I do about a 2 hour walk taking pics and looking for birds. I average 30 species and 6 humans. Martin

Martin Seuneke commented on "Todays walk" 2017-05-16 1:23pm

Thank you for including this in the Lowestoft Journal 12th Jan

Martin Seuneke commented on "Unusual sighting" 2017-05-11 4:23pm

I think it is a nest of the one of the sawflies. If it is it will fill with small caterpillars. Sawflies can completely strip the bush of all its leaves in a short time. Martin

Martin Seuneke commented on "La Grisette." 2017-05-11 1:12pm

Hi. Don't give up with the butterflies but I do find it difficult compared with the old system where if you are interested in a persons style or subject to know if the person has added new pics. The old system allowed you to be followed and notified of new pics. Personally I find that well over half of my pics are not viewed, liked or commented on. Martin

Martin Seuneke commented on "Wildlife " 2017-05-10 11:39am

I have noticed a similar problem. When I submit several (6-10) my computer download them in size order and not in numeric/alpha order so if a list of the pictures is included the pics are out of sync. Martin

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