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PETER BASH commented on "Water Rail" 2019-03-14 11:50am

Great capture Tabs.

PETER BASH commented on "Flooded Marshes at Earsham" 2017-12-31 9:45pm

A beautiful shot Andrew.

PETER BASH commented on "Barn Owl visits me." 2017-12-30 2:28pm

A great set of shot Brian, well captured. Bet you were well chuffed.

PETER BASH commented on "Frosty common" 2017-12-23 10:02pm

A lovely shot Julie, beautifully captured.

PETER BASH commented on "Bellow!" 2017-12-23 3:23pm

Wishing all you iwitters and friends a Captivating Christmas and a Snappy New Year!!

Another year draws to a close
And families gather for a pose
We click away, and study later
Sometimes named as it's creator

A New Year waiting in the wings
As a group of village carollers sings
Hark the Herald and EADT
Where will our first venue be?
Lackford Lakes or Felixstowe?
I know that you will make a show!

We've had some laughs and been merry
Especially when I caught the ferry!
Crossing counties in our car
There's never been a bridge too far

We've eaten in the Henny Swan
And spoke of meets to which we've gone
At Fairhaven we met again
iwitters from across the Fen
At Shotley we dined out at the Wreck
Rallying to the call "all hands on deck"

It's great that we are all now friends
Drawn together through our lens
Focusing on life's better views
Not bad ones seen on TV news

A lovely band of jolly fellows
Who snap the Stag that scrapes and bellows
We quietly stand and hide in wait
Then dash for lunch beyond the gate
We search out food at pubs that close
And cafes that no satnav knows!

Hope to see you all next year
And that it be one full of cheer
But until then I wish you well
Enjoying tales our photos tell!

iwitters now number too many to list
Attending our walk/meets
That shouldn't be missed
Contributing our shots to iwitness24
Original photos and often lots more!

Whistling our way through the Gorse and heather,
Striding out in whatever weather
We scour the landscape far and wide
Some with their dogs right by their side
And then at last we spot some Deer
Tip toeing closer without fear
To get the shot, to fill the page
and hope it doesn't charge with rage.

Our dedication's second to none
and most of all we have some fun
when lunch time comes we feast and chat
Not techy, but of this and that

At picnic bench we drink and eat
And sometimes get a Fen Farm treat
Refreshed we return to explore
the windy footpath by the shore
It's here! one beckons with his hand
towards an Egret on the sand
The view is great and unexpected
With water still, so it's reflected

The outing ends and we bid farewell
With sightings caught, on which to dwell
We all disperse until next time
And the makings of another rhyme!

Best Wishes,

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