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Martin Seuneke commented on "Proud Mother" 2017-04-23 8:40pm

The young left the nest yesterday.

Martin Seuneke commented on "Proud Mother" 2017-04-18 2:27pm

Thanks Anne and Trevor for your comments. It is hard to imagine but there are two young with the mother in the nest.

Also Anne I saw my first Swallow on the 9th. None since though. Martin


Thanks Dudley. I do like to get my 10,000 paces in most days especially in the dry days. I like to look for wildlife as well as my photography when I do my walks.

It is a pity that Iwitness do not inform you when a comment is posted as I cannot always find the time ((doing my 10,000 paces) to keep going through my pictures in case there is a comment that requires a reply.

KR Martin

Martin Seuneke commented on "St Michael's Church Oulton" 2017-03-29 5:33pm

I don't know the history of this church but with the amount of patchwork of the brickwork I did wonder if in historical times if it was in a ruined state. Can anyone help.

Martin Seuneke commented on "Fisher Row Oulton nr Lowestoft" 2017-03-21 1:10pm

Thank you for your comment. I think it would look even better in the sunshine.


So sorry to hear of your accident. I trust it will not put you off photography.

Martin Seuneke commented on "NEW SITE !!!!!!" 2017-02-18 5:54pm

I agree with Simon but it would be a great shame if people leave and Iwitness24/Archent do nothing.

Martin Seuneke commented on "Beautiful Bramblings" 2017-02-17 4:14pm

Hi Richard
I agree with the others they are good pics of Bramblings.

I also agree with you. with the new system. It is hard to see if anyone even looks at the pics. I have several pics on both Norfolk and Waveney and the views show 0 and not likes or comments. This is not encouraging new members. Can you actually follow people? Martin

Martin Seuneke commented on "Ready, Steady. GO !" 2017-02-08 7:55pm

Very good shots of the Cranes. I have not seen these although I have seen those at Horsey. Thanks for your comments on my 'Waveney' pics but I am staying on 'Norfolk'

Martin Seuneke commented on "Spring is on it's way" 2017-02-08 7:28pm

I agree. When you look around now there are good signs of spring coming. It is a pity they got rid of the Flora heading as it was a popular category. Martin