by BRIAN SHREEVE from Hemblington GB on 23 May 2017

Photo Challenge. The Skyline taken across the fields at Hemblington as the sun came up early morning.


Lydia Taylor posted 2017-06-04 7:35pm

Thank you Emily for your explanatory post. I had come to the conclusion that this was the case anyway. At the end of the day you contribute accepting the premise of the competition and just enjoy it for what it is. As I said earlier, if published it's a bonus. We all think that our own photos are the best of course, lol!

Emily Revell posted 2017-05-31 5:23pm

Hi all,

Some of you may have spoken to me over email before; I am part of the iwitness team.

We are sorry to hear that you are feeling disheartened about the competition. It can be very frustrating for us as we receive so many terrific images but sadly can't publish them all.

We do have to be very selective and often we are really conflicted and upset not to be able to include all of the fantastic work we receive!

Lydia is correct, we can easily fall into a habit of always selecting the same handful of images, and we try really hard to avoid doing this!

There are three of us on the team and we take it in turns each week to select the winners, often consulting each other or other staff members in the EDP and Evening News offices.
We look for the best photographs technically but also those that show creativity or thinking out of the box (even if they haven't been perfectly executed!)

As well as celebrating talented photographers we also want to encourage those that are just starting out and individuals who although, technically may struggle, have a strong passion for photography.

It is with regret that fantastic images like this one by Brian fall through the net but we hope you will all continue to contribute images to the competition and help fellow photographers to learn.

Please feel free to email us or contact us via our Facebook page anytime.



Lydia Taylor posted 2017-05-31 12:58pm

Hi folks
I would only add my two pence in that you are right JP, if they always chose the most technically brilliant shots then it would come down to a handful of contributors only and many others would get dispirited and stop submitting. I would just say that I am cool with this but wish that all the photos they chose actually fitted the challenge brief each time. Please don't stop Brian and Trevor. As Brian says, do it for your own motivation and enjoyment. If you get published it's a bonus. xx

JP Appleton posted 2017-05-30 7:36pm

Any more thoughts?

JP Appleton posted 2017-05-28 11:00am

As a fairly recent contributor to iwitness24 I find the recent comments quite interesting. I would agree that some images that get chosen to be published do not fall into a technically brilliant category. This maybe due to the photographer being inexperienced or using phone cameras rather that high quality equipment. I would expect though from the iwitness24 teams point of view is that they are looking for varying interpretations of the subject rather than all out quality of image. You could argue that it's a photo competition and that the winning image or runners up should be all round technically brilliant. I think if this was the case though you would find the same people winning every week due to their wealth of knowledge and expertise and also it would rob the chance of less experienced people to gain confidence and ultimately build on that. One comment I don't understand though is regarding 'personalities'. How is that involved in a online competition where you basically send images to this website with no other interaction with the iwitness24 team. I'm genuinely intrigued to know the thought process behind that theory is and why the site is deemed a joke.

JP Appleton


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