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Waxwing Diary (With detailed discription!)

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Waxwing Diary (With detailed discription!)

The Norfolk coasts urban stretch of gorleston-on-sea shows little sign of a wildlife population . When walking home from my college, I had a large shock. The repetitive piping sound was an unmistakable hint. I had found them. I stood there watching a hectic scene, cars flew past, people walked by, unaware. Just a few feet away sat around 50 waxwings. I was astonished, and incredibly lucky to have stumbled across these scandinavian migrants, which visit the UK every year. Feeding away on a berry bush, they stripped the bush of nearly all of its contents. Just to see these beautiful rarities is a moment I will never forget. I was able to photograph the birds for around 5 minutes before they took to the sky, their vibrant feathers glowing in the afternoon sun. Keep an eye out for Waxwings feeding on berry bushes on industrial estates and in supermarket carparks. Because its something that is hard to forget.

Posted by HarryRead
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