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Catton Grove Primary School practicing Norwich Rising dance

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Catton Grove Primary School practicing Norwich Rising dance

Catton Grove Primary School practicing Norwich Rising dance. Evening News reporter visited the school to photograph the dancers. The pupils just had a delivery of Norwich rising T-Shirts with the name of there school. A story was printed on page 4 of the Evening News on the 9th February 2013. Ellie Barnes the School teacher went on future radio with some of the pupils to talk about stopping violence against women and danced in the radio studio with the radio presenter Jasmine Marie. Shelly Telly from Norwich rising also filmed the children dancing which is now on the Norwich rising website. I put all the photos on my blog and also sent twitter messages out. It is important to educate children about stopping violence against women, just as much as everyone else. The next dance practice will be Sunday 10th February 10am at the Forum Library and the big day is the 14 February at 1pm at the Forum Library. Tell everyone to come along.

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