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Christmas In Kenninghall

Kenninghall Memories
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Kenninghall Memories
Kenninghall Memories

Christmas In Kenninghall

Christmas In Kenninghall

At 10:00am on Friday the 14th of December, in the rural Norfolk village of Kenninghall, Christmas was kicked off with a bang.

Every Christmas in the small village school of Kenninghall Primary school, the eldest class in the school host a Christmas community event in their school hall. Last year the Yr5 and Yr6 class opened a French Christmas market, however, this year they held a Christmas community event to fit with this half term’s curriculum: “How do we Remember?”.

First of all, two pupils from the class send out an advertisement for the event in the village’s monthly news letter explaining what it was, the date and the reason for the event.
Secondly, the children were asked to write letters to people who had lived in the village for long time, inviting them to join us for tea, mince pies and conversations about the visitors’ memories of Kenninghall over the years.

When the day finally arrived, the school hall was set up to look as if it were a Christmas café, with flowers, table cloths and table numbers. The visitors arrived at exactly the right time (Politely late!) and enjoyed themselves from the instant they sat down!
The morning started off with the visitors sitting down at their tables and having a chat with the children sat opposite to them. Next, the yr3 and 4 classes entered the hall and joined the other pupils in the classical carol of ‘Once in Royal David’s City’. After that, the adults brought out plates of golden mince pies and the children took orders for steaming coffee or refreshing British tea.

One of the visitors, Mr Greywilson, brought a gift for the school with him: A four year old jubilee oak. The school is planning to plant the oak
tree in the school grounds along with a 2012 time capsule
filled with mementos of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond jubilee

During the community morning, the children and visitors
had been writing down memories of certain places at the
be coming in to help the class turn it into a permanent
piece of artwork!

‘I was pleased to be invited today. It was great to talk to
the children about things hat had happened at school. It
was interesting reading their memory books.’ quotes
one of the visitors at the community event.

A fantastic day was had by all, children and adults. Merry

By Kenninghall Primary’s Press Officer – Imogen Ungless (age 11)

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