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Exciting Tourism Enterprise Day at Sir John Leman High School Beccles

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Exciting Tourism Enterprise Day at Sir John Leman High School Beccles

Inspired Change has partnered with City College Norwich to run a series of enterprise days across Norfolk and Suffolk over the past few months. The Inspired Youth project will be visiting 7 Schools across the region with winners from each of the events participating in a grand final at the City College in July.
The sixth Inspired Youth event took the project to Sir John Leman High School in Beccles, 21st of May 2012.
Students from Year 10 were given a business challenge, centred on tourism in East Anglia. As well as coming up with a business plan and marketing strategy, they were asked to consider the social and environmental impact of their business idea. Throughout the day, the students were supported by business professionals from a broad range of local companies.
Over all winners: Virtuanglia - a suit that brings you into the virtual world of East Anglia. It tunes in with your brain to find the best places that suit your likes and age and makes sure you have fun! The team consisted of Robyn Jukes, Shannon Smith, Darryn Bearish, George Reid.
Best marketing initiative: The Cow, a cow that has a board displaying the best things East Anglia has to offer. Mooooooving through East Anglia.
Most socially and economically aware: The hovercraft East Anglia
Individual contribution: Charlene Tom from team Beast of the East - showed outstanding leadership and creativity through the day.

What the primary sponsor had to say:
“I was delighted to sponsor such a worthwhile event. I’m now really enjoying assisting Inspired Change with their great work with students, making a difference to the way they look at their future lives in work. The event at Sir John Lemans in Beccles was the first time I’d worked with this age of student and I was really impressed. For me what gave me the greatest pleasure and surprise, was that the group that won the day, legitimately for their work ethic, effort and forethought, was not the group that you would have imagined would or could have won. It wasn’t the confident, outgoing, louder, confident students. It was the students that I imagine are less opinionated or dominant, the ones that quietly get on with their work at school without raising their heads above the parapet, the shy, quiet unassuming ones, that overall gave the best presentation and the most considered work. Well done to them indeed. I sincerely hope that winning the prize will enhance their confidence. I’m now really looking forward to the final at CCN and seeing all the regional winners come together. Thanks again Inspired Change for all your efforts.” - Simon Gray from Credo Asset Finance

What the students thought:
“Great way us to work with our year group and work on skills such as entrepreneurial skills and develop ideas.” - Shannon and Robyn from Extreme East

Teachers and school experience:
“Great way to have fun as well as realising what it is like to work in a business environment and network with real local businesses. A great day for the students. They get to practice creative and presentation skills.” - Allison Copeman
“Skills such as learning organisation skills, team work and motivation are all experienced to complete the task, a task that could play a big part in their motivation for the future and give ideas about what they want to do with their GCSE options.” - Miss Burton, Year 9 manager

The project has been so successful over the past few months that it has been shortlisted for a number of awards both regionally and nationally through the BITC (Business In the Community). The project has also been award the "BIG TICK" by the BITC one of only 87 awarded nationally. "This is a very exciting time for the project as we are fast approaching the final at the City College as well as the announcement of the awards." commented Managing Director of Inspired Change, Rob Whitwood. "It's been a pleasure watching the project unfold and the impact that we have had on all involved."

For more information about the Inspired Change schools project and
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