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Employment opportunity for local under graduates

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Employment opportunity for local under graduates

Inspired Change teamed up with a range of local businesses to launch a new project for recent graduates. The aim was to team up young people with relevant businesses and give them the opportunity to take part in a different type of interview process. The graduates were looking to gain an internship and the local businesses wanted to introduce bright young minds to the world of business.

The businesses involved in the day were Inspired Change, Gasway services, Open Contact, So Active, TIME Associates and Credo Asset finance. The day kicked off with a round of speed networking, allowing all the 15 applicants to meet the employers individually for a quick chat to break the ice, and to make the all-important first impressions.

The main event of the day was a problem solving task based around marketing a sensitive data & information disposal company with a limited marketing budget and a reluctant managing director. The applicants were split into teams with the employers at hand if they had any questions. This gave employers the chance to see how the potential applicants would go about working in new groups and solving tasks in a relatively short amount of time.
For the final interviews, the applicants where paired up with the business that their skill set best suited. For some applicants these interviews were the final decider for the employer on whether to hire them or not.

At the end of the day each team held a 5 minute presentation of their marketing solution to the employers. This gave the applicants one last chance to impress, display their presenting skills, and show their ability to think on their feet to the questions regarding the presentation.

The day allowed applicants to show off a multitude of skills as opposed to a traditional interview. This also benefitted employers as it gave them the opportunity to see the individual from a more rounded perspective and gain a better insight as to how they may operate in the work place.

“This Inspired Change event made us consider hiring interns for the very first time. The format, location and organisation were excellent; as were the candidates. I would recommend any business looking for bright and committed talent to consider this option” Steve Gregory – Head of Client Services – OpenContact Direct Marketing Limited

“I found the event challenging and rewarding both in terms of pace and interaction with the
candidates and other business participants. I was deeply encouraged to see the quality of young people we have yet to bless the employment market. The entrepreneurial aspirations are so apparent within this group and I hope this is a reflection of what‘s out there in the wider market place. When this economy picks up again we have some very exiting prospects to come with new business ventures and budding leaders!” – Barry Ellis, Director- Gasway Services Limited

“The event was great to be part of as a both a local and national organisation, in particular the high calibre of students/graduates met on the day was very impressive. They conducted themselves in a manner and professionalism higher than I had anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise. The day itself went well and was managed with aplomb. SO ACTIVE would be willing to take part in future occasions like this and would recommend it to other organisations. There are some great young people who are passionate, driven and intelligent enough to go into the heart of a business and make a difference; all they need is the commitment from an employer to help them develop and both will reap great rewards.” – Simon Brown Managing Director, So Active

“The intern assessment was an excellent opportunity for me to gain some extra interview experience in a professional yet relaxed environment. Matt and everyone else involved was very accommodating to individual needs and the event surpassed all my expectations. On a personal level I found the opportunities to network and get to know some of the local business leaders a valuable activity that I would not likely have had chance to do.” – Luke Landers, UEA Graduate

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