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Salthouse floods. Norfolk is...Winter

Panorarma pic floods 2013
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Panorarma pic floods 2013
Panorarma pic floods 2013

Salthouse floods. Norfolk is...Winter

Norfolk is a beautiful county in all the seasons, but is very vulnerable and never more so than in the winter, especially on the coast, as recent events have proved.

At face value this image looks a peaceful tranquil scene, but as you can see those shingle sea defences have been breached allowing the sea to flood the marshes, homes are flooded, sea water pollutes the fresh water on the marshes, wildlife suffers and eventually we loose part of our beloved county. Also imaging the effect on tourism, thousands of holiday makers, bird watchers and walkers come to this area every year.

We must act now and make the sea defences strong enough to protect our county.

Norfolk is...vulnerable

Posted by pdent61
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