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Comms Supply looks forward to Norfolk Business Accelerators event

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Comms Supply looks forward to Norfolk Business Accelerators event

The team at Comms Supply is very excited to have made it to the Norfolk Business Accelerators shortlist.
But when we look at our fellow finalists it’s difficult to see how we can compete. After all we don’t make delicious, award winning sausage rolls, we haven’t developed an amazing shower booster pump and we know virtually nothing about electric bicycles.

But what we do understand really well is how to help businesses make sensible, money-saving decisions on telecoms solutions. We also understand that putting our customers first is what makes us a stand out as a telecoms business.

Comms Supply was founded almost a year ago. We provide a wide range of business telecoms services: from comprehensive phone, mobile and broadband packages to simple line rental. Our aim is to deliver innovative and flexible communications solutions that really help businesses to thrive.

Responding quickly to our customers and providing them with honest answers is at the heart of our approach and we’re very proud of this. Not having up to date information is the most frustrating part of any telecoms issue: that’s why making sure customers know what’s happening at every stage is so critical.

Saving customers money is one of our priorities, and the reductions we’re able to achieve range from 10% to a massive 70%, depending on the individual requirements of each business.

But the ongoing relationships we develop are equally important. Our aim is to be a trusted, independent business partner; there to advise on how to make telecoms work smarter for any type of organisation through the lifetime of the business.

Whether you make sausages, invent pumps or create electric bicycles, Comms Supply is the telecoms company that will ensure you’re able to communicate with your customers and pay a fair price for doing so.

We’re looking forward to the Business Accelerators event on January 16th and hope to see lots of friends and colleagues there. Please vote for us!

Karl Alderton
Managing Director
Comms Supply

Posted by CommsSupply
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