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Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen centre blazes into flames.

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Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen centre blazes into flames.

Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen centre blazed into flames around about 17:30 on the 27th June for an unknown reason. Just over 70 fire-fighters tackled the blaze and are expected to remain on sight until after midnight. The blaze was so serious the smoke could even be seen 13 miles away (Norwich City Centre). The emergency services were alerted by a person who passed by and spotted smoke coming from the building about half an hour after staff locked up the centre at 5.
Eight appliances were at the scene, along with the environmental protection unit, the aerial ladder platform and support appliances, two water carriers and the control unit from Wymondham.
As well as the appliances and unit vehicles police and ambulance crews were required for the scene which caused the A140 to be closed for several hours.
Fortunately there were no casualties.
I walked past Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen centre at 4pm with my friend and we never would have thought that it would be blazing flames in just over an hours time.

Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen Centre has been established since 1981, and I actually had one of my earliest memories in there when I was 2 years old. This must be an extremely traumatising day for the owner and my thoughts are with them.

Posted by f0rev3rfree
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