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Opening of the Aldborough Wildlife Pond

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Opening of the Aldborough Wildlife Pond

On 4th & 5th of June the residents of Aldborough and Thurgarton braved the cold to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a programme of events but the climax of the whole extravaganza was when “Her Royal Highness” actually appeared in person to attend the opening of the new village wildlife pond.

The pond is the result of a year’s work by members of the Aldborough Wildlife Group and the Parish Council to increase the diversity of habitat for wildlife and enhance the amenity of the Village Green. It was designed in accordance with the Guidelines of the National Million Ponds Project in colaboration with Mr Ed Stocker of the Norfolk County Biodiversity Information Service and it was awarded a Community Conservation Grant of 75% of the cost of the scheme, the balance being raised through the generousity of several local residents and through local fundraising efforts.
The pond has been constructed with shallow side slopes which will not be lined and will therefore be allowed to fill and drain naturally as the ground water rises and falls. These periods of wetting and drying will encourage the pond to develop as a natural feature and will expose areas of mud thereby enhancing opportunities for species which thrive in these conditions. A major objective of the project is to provide opportunities for greater diversity of both flora and fauna and to this end over 500 native plants have been planted which are naturally occurring in ponds elsewhere in the local area.

The future maintenance of the pond and its environs will be a joint undertaking by the Parish Council, the Aldborough Wildlife Group and the Aldborough Garden Club. The Wildlife Group and the Garden Club will undertake regular clearing as necessary and maintenance of the perimeter planting and water quality to ensure the pond is kept in a condition suitable for colonisation by wildlife.

In recognition of the magnificent effort made by local resident, Ms Eve O’Connor in orchestrating the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, “Her Royal Highness” asked that Ms O’Connor should cut the ribbon and declare the pond “open”. (attached photo shows Ms O’Connor cutting the ribbon watched by “HRH”, the chairman of the Parish Council and members of the Wildlife Group)


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