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Un-bearlievable Woman of the Year

Bear Gt Ellingham
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Bear Gt Ellingham
Bear Gt Ellingham

Un-bearlievable Woman of the Year

I have attached a photo of a fantastic bear put together by some of the members of the Gt Ellingham Slimming World group in Norfolk run by my lovely consultant Wendy Topliff.

The village has a treasure hunt each year where the villagers make a bear and place them in their gardens and as part of the treasure hunt the visitors have to answer questions to find where each bear is located.

Un-bearlievable is the submission from the SW members holding out her trousers as they have become too 'big' and it will actually stand in the village for two whole weeks.

So very very proud of them all! What do you think?

Warmest wishes,


Posted by Karen_Gaul
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